Dale Martin

Dale Martin is a writer from the Midwest.  After a career in advertising — which he loves and has not left — he has now written his first novel.  The Lineage is the first story he wanted to tell, but he has many more to come.


Some words about Dale

Dale Martin is a copywriter by trade and has owned his own creative advertising agency since 1989.  After 25 years of writing thousands of brochures, print ads, and radio and TV commercials, Dale has turned to his true passion — writing and telling stories.  His goal now is to approach the business of novel writing with the same enthusiasm that led him to start his own agency at the wise-old age of just 27.  He wants to tell stories that entertain people, excite them along the way, make them think, and hopefully — in the end — inspire them, if even just a little.

Dale currently lives in a suburb of St. Louis, MO with his wife and son.



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